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Julian Hodge Institute of Applied Macroeconomics

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Provisional Programme for European Monetary Forum 2019
Funded by Cardiff University & JHIAM.

Friday April  5, 2019
Cardiff  Business School, Cardiff University, Cardiff



April 5th
08:30 Coffe and assemble rooms 1.26 and 1.27, Teaching and Research Centre, Cardiff Business School
Chair: Patrick Minford
09:00 Mike Beenstock: ‘Aggregate Supply in spatial General Equilibrium’ 
09:50 Parantap Basu: ‘Repairing the Disconnect between Assets Pricing and the Macroeconomy: A Production Based Approach’        
10:40 Cofee/refreshment
Chair: Harris Dellas
Ron Smith: ‘The macroeconomic impact of the Euro’ 
Patrick Minford: ‘State-contingent price/wage-setting: how does it change our explanation of postwar US macro behaviour and our view of what monetary policy should do?’ 

Chair: Casper de Vries
Stephen Millard: ‘Macroprudential policy instruments and their interaction’ 
14:10 Tea/refreshment
14:30 Mike Wickens: ‘Testing and estimating macroeconomic model: the contribution of indirect inference’ 
15:20 Peter Spencer: ‘A new perspective on a Gaussian shadow rate term structure model’ 
Sean Holly: ‘Aggregate and Firm level volatility: the role of acquisitions and disposals’
17:00 Coffee/tea
17:30 Policy Panel:  ‘Coping with populism - a progress report’ Panel: Casper de Vries (chair), Kent Matthews, Patrick Minford, Ron Smith
20:00 Conference Dinner


Rules of Engagement:
The time allocated for each session includes author's presentation and discussion with participants (there will be no formal discussants) so it is really up to the author to maximise. For guidance authors might think in terms of taking half the time for exposition and the rest in discussion and response. Some may prefer to leave the discussion until they have finished presenting; others (the more normal case) may prefer to have the discussion as they go along.

For the panel panellists should please keep opening remarks brief, to five minutes; then use their right of response to amplify their thoughts as needed.

Participants to date:

Michael Arghyrou, Cardiff
Parantap Basu, Durham
Arnab Bhattacharjee, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh
Mike Beenstock, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Harris Dellas, Bern
Sean Holly, Cambridge 
Kent Matthews, Cardiff
Stephen Millard, Bank of England and Durham
Patrick Minford, Cardiff
David Peel, Lancaster
Ron Smith, Birkbeck
Peter Spencer, York
Casper de Vries, Rotterdam
Mustapha Waseja, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh
Mike Wickens, Cardiff and York
Stephen Wright, Birkbeck

Local arrangements:

The meeting will taken place in the Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. 

Past EMF forums

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